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Add a comment duration on a video proof
Add a comment duration on a video proof

If you’re reviewing a video proof and need your comment to span over time on the video timeline, you can. Here’s how.

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When reviewing moving content, it’s often handy for the comment to display on the video proof for a set period of time – for example if you are saying “from here, please fade the music out until here”. This period of time is also referred to in the comment itself.

To add a span (or duration) to your comment

Step 1

Using the red pen tool, add your comment to the video proof.

Step 2

After you have added the comment to the video proof, select the pin in the video progress bar (or by selecting the comment). Use your mouse to grab the panhandles – drag left or right to span your comment.

Each comment is timecoded for your video editors to quickly and accurately action feedback.

A comment on a video showing the time spanning over a duration


  • You can change the video from basic time to SMPTE timecode.

    Basic time
    SMPTE timecode

  • Click the basic time to jump to a specific time.

Jump to a specific time

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