Creating a video proof

PageProof supports moving content such as video or GIFs. Simply drag and drop your video or GIF file to begin.

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Creating a video proof

We do things differently here at PageProof and one such thing is letting your team of reviewers place their feedback directly on the moving content that they are viewing – that’s right, the red pen tool can be used directly on the video frame!

To upload your video or GIF file

Step 1

Either drag and drop your file onto the file dropper icon on your dashboard. If your file is larger than 1GB, place it into one of these supported file storage locations first, then choose your file from there:

  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox

  • Box

  • OneDrive

If you have created your content in Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects, why not download our Adobe CC add-on and send your proof directly out of those apps (you can also bring the comments back in layered over the timeline).

Step 2

Complete the setup for your proof, including a workflow, a checklist if you’d like, and click send proof.

Your reviewers can securely proof your video and gif content, easily change video speed, quality settings, skip forward and back, move frame-by-frame, and even zoom the proof to get right into the detail before they add their feedback using the red pen tool. Each comment is timecoded for your video editors to quickly and accurately address feedback.


  • You can span a comment over the video timeline. See how.

  • You can choose to jump to a specific time of the video by clicking into the time.

    Jump to a specific time
  • You can choose to display the video duration in basic time, or SMPTE timecode.

    Basic video time

    SMPTE timecode

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